I do NOT want our one MILLION dollar “smart” meters.

The city knows this one million could be spent fixing our current electric system. For example: right now our city buys $100 of electricity wholesale and 15 percent is wasted, so only $85 is delivered to our homes. No wonder we have high electric bills!

This is our electrical priority… NOT “smart” meters.

We citizens and taxpayers vote for our NM Public Regulation Commission. They have more time and more taxpayer dollars to evaluate if “smart” meters are worthwhile.

They said NO to PNM. This is the large privately owned electric company that serves a large part of NM. PNM is a monopoly, so is regulated by the experts that we elect.

Our Public Regulation Commission could not find a good reason to let PNM install “smart” meters.

Say “NO” to “smart” meters.

s/Martin Mijal

T-or-C, NM

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