As usual, when I open the Sentinel every Friday morning, I turn immediately to the Dear Boss column. Hope McKenzie had a great birthday.She's a remarkable young lady.

You and I are in complete agreement regarding partisanship in school board elections. When I voted for Barbara Pearlman for school board, I didn't vote AGAINST either of the other two candidates at all–both of them are very good people. I just voted for the person I felt was most qualified. I applaud them all for their desire to make a positive difference for our kids, and wish them well.

Many years ago, I ran for the school board in Silver City, NM. I lost, but wasn't too disappointed by that, because the lady who won was a strong and very capable person. However, what was VERY disheartening to me was the lack of voter turnout–slightly over one hundred people took the time to vote in that election! People pay lip service to the fact that our children are the future, but you sure wouldn't know it by voter interest in school board elections.

My sincere thanks to all the candidates for their interest in the education of our kids, and I would like to encourage all voters of every political stripe to get out and vote. Perhaps some of them should also consider getting their names on a ballot as well. Light and blessings,



Williamsburg, NM

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