In last week's Sentinel, a writer asked folks to boycott local businesses, which he said have gone "anti-gun". He didn't specify HOW they were anti-gun, exactly, but I suspect these businesses don't allow firearms on their premises, so we've been asked to boycott them. Well, no.

With some minor qualifications, I support the right of folks to carry firearms, but I completely support the rights of business and property owners to not allow firearms on their property.

I live here, and I'm proud to support the businesses who have chosen to set up shop here. We're a small town, and we need to support each other. I'm happy to patronize local businesses, especially those that advertise in local media, like the Sentinel and the Cobblestone.

So, no boycott for me.


s/John Davis

P.O. Box 511

Williamsburg, NM

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