People must realize that time is running out to go vote for school board members and the bond issue. We have two very skilled people who are running for school board.

We have to support our students in and out of the sports arena. The best way to support all our students is to vote for people that will meet the needs of our students, and understand the need for their physical and mental safety. We also have to support the bond issue, which keeps our buildings repaired and updated to meet the needs of future students.

We must go vote to show our students that we care about them. We can't let people get elected that think the present way of doing business is just fine, and we don't have to make changes to meet the ever-changing ways work is being done. By voting responsibly it’s the best way to show our students we care about them.


s/Ted Kuzdrowski

PO Box 1445

Elephant Butte, NM

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