I was hoping to discuss the lack of support and refusal to acknowledge Elderly Financial Exploitation. This is something that occurs all over the country and the victims have very little control over what is happening.

The elderly are some of the most vulnerable people out there. Many times the perpetrator is a family member. They obtain falsified documents and lie to other members of the family on the position of the bank accounts and other finances.

I have experienced first hand how hard this is with my 100-year-old grandmother with dementia. She was taken advantage by her grandson and son. Over $100,000 is missing from her bank account.

Another aspect that is disturbing is the lack of assistance from banks when proof is provided that the exploitation is occurring and then they overlook and refuse to help the person who is being exploited.

We have seen a bank, after being told by several members of our family and Adult Protective Services that there was a case ongoing, and three days after the warnings the teller we spoke to directly allowed our cousin to access and gain authority to our grandmother's bank account. Two weeks after the warning by the family, the bank allowed our cousin to remove $17,000 in person and never questioned this transaction. The bank I am speaking of is a local bank that is in Elephant Butte and Truth or Consequences.

Companies and people who never help those in need and do the right thing are sickening.

s/Lisa Card

Elephant Butte, NM

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