The full-page ad in last week’s Sentinel was paid for by our money. The smart meters were paid for with our money. The ad is a simple slap-down and this time-consuming research for “discussion meetings” was also paid for from our wallets.

Why is the commission so set on simply digging in their heels against us rather than working with citizens they are paid (our tax dollars) to protect and guide, to make positive decisions for? Truly the CAVE designation has shifted to government. They’ve gotten pretty shrill with this in-our-face ad.

Might they ever consider simply working with us, considering our opinions and fact-finding? I daresay the decision was made in secret Executive Session to run it… the city commission’s heavy-handed attempt to bury this issue won’t work.

I want proof of due diligence done on these meters. The PUAB and commission didn’t look at any unfavorable commentary/evidence, or they might have come across articles (as I did from a simple Google search) that Landis and Gyr are the most-sued sellers. That smart meters can: cause problems for people with electronic sensitivities; cause spontaneous housefires, etc. Again, this town was one where the City of Health status brought so much talent and love here. Where’s our pride in that?

I’d much rather our tax dollars be used to promote good and healthy ideas working for the city. How about paying attention to future planning on food, water, shelter for all of us? Private citizens are stepping up to do this and bring in what the city commission does not see, as their eyes remain wide shut. Guess what, denial is not disappearance. Ignoring our injunctions won’t make them go away.

Reiteration: two CC members did not even know the details on this $1MM dollar purchase, thinking meter readers would point and click to get data. The contract was presented to them by Madrid and they just signed.

 I’d want proof not of meetings “about” it, but investigation, caution, citizen concern all taken into consideration and votes made on these bases.

Thank you.

s/Carol Borsello

T-or-C, NM

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