It's Good vs. Evil! All in rebellion to YAHWAH God are sinister-left. We live in a time of new satanic-globalist Nimrods! The death, destruction, crisis and chaos brought upon Christian Russia by the Bolsheviks in 1917 and successive ‘Communist Internationalists’ are the same as the globalist agendas now upon ‘all’ humanity under different names. But they’re always those that create and control money, credit, and titles!

The coordination to commit eugenic-genocide worldwide by every government and tens of thousands of the richest corporate entities and old-money-families are easy to indict because they openly publish and perform their treacheries. Their blueprints of mass-murder-enslavement and neo-serfdom are crimes committed in plain sight.

If you do not speak their Nimrodic newspeak-language, perform their rituals, recite their mantras, and follow their abominable commandments, then you’ll be censored, banished, blacklisted, persecuted, poisoned, punished, digitally deleted and made extinct. The satanic Nimrods are here to enslave! 

All militaries and sheriffs must side with mankind, not the traitors to humanity and bring all these that committed mass murder, genocide in hybridizing mankind into Chimera Genetically Modified Organisms (CGMOs) under the false-cloak of plandemics, mRNA vax-jabs, food and energy shortages, currency debasement and now global wars – to Nuremberg 2.0 justice and executions.

All the Towers of Babel-Chaos-Confusion must be dissolved. We the People need to choose to follow the oracles of YAHWAH, not the oracles of the serpent seed – That old Dragon. Being the globalists wars with ‘all’ life on earth – that makes us POWs and in America under Articles I thru VI Code of Conduct.

We the People in 3,000 plus U.S. counties must individually return common sense to America, to highlight the importance of Faith, Family, Freedom, Logic and Reason, and to defeat by arresting the satanic predators permeating every sector of our country.

The nearly 8 billion masses of humanity in every community must decentralize ‘all the institutions’ and bring to justice ‘all’ the perpetrators! We POWs must resist these new satanic-Nimrods and make every effort to escape world tyranny and bring down Humpty-Dumpty-Globalism and their financiers!

More to come!

s/Gerald Boland

T-or-C, NM

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CAmille MOntoya

100% mi amigo, nail on the head, you're exactly correct. However, nothing appears to awaken the heavily slumbering sheeple.

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