Some things are abundantly clear to me. Governments can’t legislate and tax their way to income equality for all. Take Illinois: 220 billion in unfunded pension obligations and state bond debt. Despite over-taxing, it still has a staggering spread between the top 1% and bottom 20. Second, neither party is always correct on policy and legislation. It makes it hard to be an Independent.

Third, primaries should be open. If you’re worried about Republican or Democrat voter crossover wrecking your slate of candidates: you need to run ones more to the center.

Fourth, go vote even if you think both candidates suck. Complacency, apathy and negativity are enemies of democracy.

As an Independent, I’m a fiscal conservative and a moral liberal. I’m no fan of deficit spending and excessive bond debt. Illinois owing 220 billion on a 4 billion yearly budget is ridiculous. The federal deficit of 24-1/2 trillion is alarming. Glad I don’t have to explain this to your children and grandchildren.

Not a fan of unemployment that pays too long and too much on the lower end. If you were making 50 thousand a year, the maximum 461 a week isn’t enough. You’re making $200/week, $86/week is close after taxes. Throw in the Covid bonus of $600/month from Feds, no one at the lower end wants to go back to work. Likewise, during the 2008/2009 recession, with all the unemployment extensions, I had a neighbor who got 65 weeks of unemployment. Quit fleecing the taxpayer.

Not a fan of eviction and foreclosure monitoriums either. No savings and living paycheck to paycheck is your problem. Not a landlord or mortgage lender problem.

Also, am a fan of a closed borders. With no cheap illegal labor, wages will go up on lower end if no one wants to pick chiles for $8/hr. Prices will go up but market will pay the rate people are willing to work for.

That said, time to piss off the Republicans. No way I’m voting for Trump. Also, dividends and short- and long-term capital gains should be taxed at a top rate of 39.6% or whatever it is, not 20%. Wealthy people invest and if you’re pulling in 40 mil a year in dividends and capital gains like Mitt Romney you should be paying more than 20%. Don’t give me that crap about lower rates spur investment. It’s a tax dodge while Mitt’s not working. I’m not against making your money work for you but needs to be taxed like wages.

Also, needs to be harder to fire and downsize people over 50. Right now, burden of proof is on the individual to prove they were fired because they’re older and get paid more and cost more medical. The company should have to prove you were let go for a reason other than you make too much. College graduates are cheap but don’t know where the “bodies are buried” and how things “really get done”.

I’m also for the ERA Amendment and equal pay/equal work. Tired of old white guys telling women what to do with their bodies and paying them less. That includes supporting Roe vs. Wade. Finally, legalize recreational marijuana. Tired of paying 50 grand a year to incarcerate someone that had a couple joints and six plants. Tax it and make some money.

Just saying.

s/S.M. Zeschke

T-or-C, NM

(Over 350 words paid)

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