In the interest of following a Biden Administration political priority, Governor Michelle Lujan-Grisham ordered all divisions of state government to implement policy to conserve 30 percent of water and 30 percent of land within the state by the year 2030.

In a state that is already heavy with the burden of federal and state administered land, and light with economic opportunity, this Executive Order might be detrimental to agriculture endeavors, energy industries and rural communities.

“There is nothing more valuable than water in a thirsty land, nor anything more sacred than opportunity to the American Dream,” said James Duffey, New Mexico Wool Growers (NMWGI) President. “Both come under the crosshairs in the governor’s newest executive order.”

Executive Order 2021-052 titled ‘Protecting New Mexico’s Lands, Watersheds, Wildlife, and Natural Heritage’ usurps legislative authority, rural representation and public debate. It firmly puts decision-making authority in the hands of unelected and appointed bureaucrats. NMWGI and its membership understand the benefits of wide scale soil, erosion, energy and watershed projects as well as the need for state and federal buy-in and funding. Nonetheless, those projects should be judged on merit and funded through the legislative process with elected representation, and not a single executive or appointed bureaucrat dictating policy.

“The mission of NMWGI will continue to be protecting the industry and private property rights,” said Duffy. “Executive Order (2021-052) has the potential of being misused. Twelve counties have passed resolutions in opposition to the 30x30 Biden plan and more will follow. We hope the state legislature will take measures to protect their constitutionally recognized authority.”

NMWGI encourages everyone to take a draft resolution to their county commissioners and ask that they pass it in opposition to the radical agenda set forth by 30x30. Draft resolutions can be found by accessing the American Stewards of Liberty Guide to Fight at or by contacting the NMWGI office at 505-247-0584.

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