Gov. Lujan Grisham continues to reign as the Head of Habitual Hypocrisy in New Mexico.

The governor on March 2 gave an interview and spoke out about the seriousness of sexual allegations against elected leaders, even though the governor in the past had carefully swept under the rug sexual assault claims against her.

It was shocking but not surprising when we all read comments made by Gov. Grisham regarding sexual harassment claims against New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo. In the interview with the Washington Post, Gov. Grisham was asked about whether or not the Democrat Governors Association would weigh in on the sexual harassment allegations against New York’s Chief Executive.

Her answer:

“Look, we have to take seriously all these allegations, and I'm, frankly, in that group of elected leaders that you believe the individual, you give real credibility there. If you don't, we are re-victimizing brave men and women who come forward. And so that's critical.”

Gov. Grisham went on in the interview to say there should be a transparent and independent investigation into such claims against elected leaders.

Ah, therein lies the bitter irony.

In 2019, Gov. Grisham was accused of sexual assault by her former political operative, James Hallinan, who was employed in her gubernatorial campaign. The incident allegedly happened at a home in the summer of 2018 while Grisham was in Congress. Hallinan claims Grisham grabbed his crotch.

He claimed she laughed, but it’s no laughing matter.

Over time, Hallinan eventually spoke out about this sexual incident, like the women in the Cuomo scandal, but Grisham did nothing. Hallinan claimed her actions constituted sexual abuse.

Did she give credibility to Hallinan?
Did she take these allegations seriously? No. Did her Administration pursue a transparent and independent investigation as she suggests? No.

Like Grocery Gate and Jewelry Gate, Gov. Grisham says one thing and does another.

This is another case where Gov. Grisham enjoys a double standard. It’s sad that we cannot trust someone in such a position of authority, someone we are supposed to turn to when times get tough.

It seems that whenever she can, our Governor will seek personal protection or personal financial gain.

It’s sad that our governor cannot be honest and will always put her self-interests first.

Mr. Graham is 2nd Vice Chair of the Republican Party of New Mexico.

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Call for her resignation!!!

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