Good Morning, little Jesus!

And how are you this day?

All swaddled there in Baby bandsIn wooden manger laid

Against the fragrance of the hay

Mid sheep and cattle thereAs soft and sweet as infants breath

Or springtime in the air

GoodMorning, little Potentate–

Thou great but tiny King!

Say, do you hear the glory songs

The mighty angels sing?And will you wear the purple robe

That only kings may know?

Is that a crown upon your head–

Or only Heaven’s glow?

Good Morning, little Savior!

Redeemer from sins’ dread!

Say, do the timbers of a cross

Surround your manger bed?

And does the hay, like tiny thorns

Leave mail marks on your hands?

Or do the swaddling clothes

Portend embrace of burial bands?

Good Morning, little Sacrifice!

Thou tiny perfect lamb

Awaiting slaughter in thy bed,

Thou God–the great I AM,

And does the blood within thy veins

Even now run cold as death?

Or does the life, which you will yield

Hang frozen on your breath?

Good Morning, little Son of God!

Our Prophet, Priest and King,

Our Savior and our Sacrifice,

Our worship now we bring,

And lest the anguish of Thy Cross

Disturb the infant rest,

Sleep now and rest awhile–

Upon thy mothers breast

At Christmas time in 1959, Samuel S. Smith had an experience that changed his life forever. Since then, each Christmas after that he has written a little prayer/story/poem to remember Christ’s birth. Now he has published them in a book, ‘Christmas Then and Now’.They start with 1961 and end with2019. The one above ‘GOOD MORNING!’ was written in 2005. Sam hopes that one or two of them might touch the heart of each reader. If you wish to receive a copy of this book, please forward a request to Samuel S. Smith, P.O. Box 234, Waynesville, NC 28786.

s/William R Graham

P.O. Box253

Elephant Butte NM

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