For the new year, I hope 2020 leaves the “squad” far behind, as well as their hate and divisive ways. Didn’t Hitler get started the same way?

While their leaders in Washington allow their stupidity to keep attention directed to them and make use of them as a distraction, is allows these freshman to ruin their own political careers.

I don’t believe the Speaker of the House is Ms. Pelosi is as innocent in this matter as it appears.

As far as the squad-member from Minnesota, whois an American citizen, and who’s free speech ‘no matter how ugly it is; or her personal behavior is,’ she has constitutional protection. I believe that in the country of her birth, she might be stoned for the latter mentioned behaviors.

It appears to me the squad’s use as a distraction allows less attention paid to what is really going on in the swamp.

My Opinion, My Free Speech! Hoping for a positive change!

s/Barbra Wolff

Elephant Butte, NM

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