Isn’t it better to know and face the proven scientific truth of facts and events than not? Hello friends and haters. How do we survive, if you choose not to accept the obvious, which can give you and us a path and beauty to follow – inconvenient as this truth may be.

Even though it’s an extremely alarming reality, upsetting and horrifying, it does motivate millions to action to improve things. The injured try to hurt those of us sensitive, aware and informed enough to be concerned for our children’s lives and future, for our planetary and climate stability and the ecological and social breakdown, loss of species, and failure to sustain agricultural and humanitarian systems.

As we ponder and freak out in this crisis, piss away our last resources and protections, I am experiencing our world, lands and systems breaking down and going awry. People are suffering in larger numbers. Indigenous people continuing to be ran off the lands they care for. We are divided into groups pitted against each other in hate and preyed upon by large companies, agencies and government officials.

Climate is the accumulation of average weather events over time. It’s hard to ignore the increasingly relentless number of climate related catastrophes and unheard of magnitudes of fires, storms, flooding, famine, unseasonal and extreme heat, species destruction, artic ice melting and migrating hoards of people.

We need to say we’re sorry to our youth, face up to feeling bad about our human caused predicament. Climate emergency is upon us. We’re at war against the Earth. We have messed up. It’s a cleaner earth with abundant forests vs. industrial “progress”. Government and oil companies have disrupted our chance at a healthy future. Now we have to accept what we’ve allowed to happen: the existential threat to our planet, our people, our survival. Now how can we build a constructive future? How can we live fighting among ourselves? Christian ethics and the Prince of Peace has become a joke. Wake up! Get up. We have to talk about this: the reality of economic and ecological collapse. (Just because you’re scared doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do it or do anything. Black Lives Matter. Reparations.) It’s not what we should do – but how we should do it – getting your head and heart around what’s happening and learn how to act to be effective generally. Focus on what you can do, not what you can’t or shouldn’t do. Stop the damage.

 Don’t forget, it can always be worse. You could be homeless in the snow – with nowhere to go, without any aspect or human response, much less support or housing. We look down on those people trying to stay alive if they lucky enough to have even a tent in abnormally freezing weather—millions of us, left to die in the streets, sick, hungry, hurting and coldly ignored – except for being harassed brutally by police as if they were expendable pieces of trash. We don’t want to see them, hire them, or give anyone a living wage much less a room at the inn.

You or your parents could be confined in a prison or nursing home and catch COVID-19, or in vet’s home here in T-or-C infected with the deadly virus which wasn’t even reported or the number of elderly affected. If you try to speak up or help to make a difference in the community, you’re looked upon with disfavor if not outright violent hatred. What is this about? Seems like a conspiracy of Death.

The winter weather patterns seem abnormal: all over the US, there are outages and water shortages, people dying from the cold. Hospitals have been affected and COVID-19 exacerbated. My cousin in Tulsa, OK has emailed, outlining the arctic cold of record lows all the way there, with 12 inches of snow and major lengthy water and electric failures. The people in Texas have it even worse. Texan’s crisis exposes a nation’s vulnerability to climate change: continent-spanning storms triggered blackouts in Mississippi as well, halted 1/3 US oil production and disrupted vaccinations in 20 states. Millions have been also been affected in Mexico. Even here in mid NM desert, it seems unusually cold, longer than usual – more than a cold snap to me. These enormous storms are the result of climate instability and COVID-19 is a result of ecological breakdown.

The feminine has this fierce capacity that’s needed for change. We can use our power to empower others. We’ve achieved this wisdom through failure and struggle. Some of us have been on this path for decades – now we have to ramp it up for climate emergency, ecological disaster, social justice and sustainably, happily. Allow the Earth to enjoy us, not destroy it as something to be exploited for money. Being in Nature is healing: it’s easier to hear our inner guidance.

Support Green Party and those in government who care if we live or die. Stop wasting paper and trees – use napkins or reusable cloth for paper in the kitchen, to blow your nose, etc. We may as well wipe ourselves with money. Ditch plastic water bottles and toxic products for cleaning – and for personal care use natural products from plants, essential oils and herbal remedies for holistic medicine – no chemicals. Can you escape your small-minded loops of fearful, conditioned, self-centered, out of date ideation and fabricated wish-fulfillment to accommodate this disastrous turn of events? Expand your space to fill the whole state of New Mexico and ultimate Big Picture.

Take your own bags to shop and own containers to buy in bulk. (Recycling doesn’t really handle plastics, which are clogging up everywhere. Landfills are overfull. Sewers are as well. Oceans polluted, acidified and heated up.) I’m proud to see in Albuquerque Coop Grocery, they’ve started using biodegradable thin bags for food instead of plastic. Avoid cruel factory farm meat and pesticide riddled veggies, grow and eat local (not grown out of US and shipped in.) Regenerate farming preserves the soil, eliminates pesticide for organics, treats the animals humanely and doesn’t waste the food produced and provided. Downsizing reduces our spending and expenses and the need for oil and gas energy as we try to live on renewables.

We are 8 billon people on Earth (400,000 dead from the coronavirus). We need to make lifeboats for the vulnerable and put the animals, etc. We have left, in there too – and grow the necessary movement. Rebel for Life and Peace. Silence is death.

s/Linda Rakestraw

2028 Cottonwood Lane

T-or-C, NM

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