Although my address reads Nashville, TN – New Mexico will always be my home. I keep up with what is going on in my home state, especially during election years. I care deeply about NM and my friends and family who live there. I write this to say how extremely disappointed I have been with the slanderous advertisements I’ve seen and heard in regards to Rebecca Dow.

I was raised in Sierra County and have experienced first-hand the incredible things Representative Dow has contributed. First and foremost, AppleTree in itself has been a heaven-sent to parents in Sierra County. This center has provided affordable childcare and extended additional programs throughout the years to benefit not only the parents, but also children and youth in the area.

Through AmeriCorps, I was able to obtain my first job with The Club as soon as I turned 16. This center, initiated by Representative Dow, provided our youth an alternative to risky behavior by offering interactive classes and programs to equip them for a successful future.

My senior year, Representative Dow personally helped me navigate scholarship opportunities which ultimately allowed me to graduate with my Bachelor’s Degree debt- free. I am just one of many whom Mrs. Dow has helped set up for success. This has been a ripple effect throughout our community and has continued even past my time.

More recently, I have sat with her at dinners as she was approached by members of the community voicing their concerns. Her phone is never silent and she always lends a listening ear without discrimination of political affiliation.

Rebecca is genuinely and compassionately invested in New Mexico and her District. She has been our voice in Santa Fe without a personal agenda, which as you know, is not usually the case. She spends months away from her family sitting in on sessions. She speaks with integrity and stands her ground, even when she is outnumbered.

Isn’t this the type of person we want to represent us? Don’t we want someone who cares about our children and youth? Our farmers and ranchers? Our natural resources and economy? She has proven herself time and time again, and I find it outrageous that her dignity and sacrifice is even in question. This woman has literally invested her blood, sweat and tears into our growth and success.

I encourage my fellow New Mexicans to truly pay attention to what each candidate has to say. Decipher through the smoke and recognize who is really going to fight for you and your future in Santa Fe. Rome wasn’t built in a day, but I have the upmost confidence that with Representative Dow in our corner, Sierra County and District 38 will reach new heights.

With the most sincerity,

s/Brittney Harp

Nashville, TN

(Paid political letter)

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