Thanks to many of you, Sierra County has 294 signatures on the petition to seat a citizen’s grand jury. We are one of nine counties – Chavez, Eddy, Lee, Curry, Roosevelt and Quay – who have filed, while Sierra, Los Alamos and Lincoln are preparing to file. Sierra County will file within a couple of weeks at the District Court here in Truth or Consequences.

In Chavez County, the District Court has sent the signatures to be verified, which is the first step in the process. Eddy and Lee should be next.

In the meantime, the governor’s attorneys have filed a writ of superintendent control. Essentially this is asking the NM Supreme Court to ignore the State Constitution, which gives its citizens the right to petition and to make a ruling, taking that power away because of the harm it will do to the credibility of the courts and the office of the governor. There have been numerous examples of illegal communication within this same legal system on this topic. It’s clear that they are threatened by citizens following their state’s Constitution and taking back their power.

The New Mexico State Constitution is stronger than the U.S. Constitution in many ways, defining and protecting the rights of its citizens – the owners. Last week, a presentation was given by a Constitutional lawyer, Krisanne Hall. She very clearly addressed these issues and spoke to our need to return to the law of the land and specifically the state Constitution, which clearly spells out who has the power. It is up to us, the citizens of New Mexico to keep it.

Here is a video of Mrs. Hall giving a similar presentation. Her speaking tour is primarily done in local churches, and more can be found on her web site at

This same struggle for control goes on at all levels. This morning, as I write this, our city commission is going to discuss limiting the rights of it citizens to speak at meetings from six minutes to three minutes a month. The public advisory boards, specifically set up to gather citizen input, limit this input to three minutes as well.

I encourage everyone to read our Constitutions, state and national, talk to each other and participate in the political process. We need to set aside the polarized left/right paradigm and work together for our community during these increasingly difficult times.

s/Jack Noel

T-or-C, NM

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