I read your 10/9 “Dear Boss” column with much interest – especially the focus on your aversion to having someone in the office who “doesn’t answer emails, phone calls, hear concerns, or share goals.” These are the exact and frustrating behaviors that I experienced with the prior city commission during the Advocates for the City of Health’s’ requests to be acknowledged for our educational/informative contributions concerning the dangers of smart electrical meters.

The emails I sent received no reply, the information I submitted went unrecognized, my letters ignored. Even the petition and ordinance were dismissed out of hand, with silence.

I am pleased to read that our newest commission member accepts that citizen recognition is a necessary part of governance, which is very much appreciated. I request that the city commissioners hold these strong ethics and ideas as examples of right action. I look forward to your leadership in this regard.

The intent to acquire smart water meters will bring on more discussion and it will be excellent to have a response if we Advocates ask questions or bring points to bear… especially if their cost is another cool million of Truth or Consequences’ dollars!

Thank you for the opportunity to offer this opinion.

s/Carol Borsello


T-or-C, NM

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