Men and women worshipping evils such as alcohol, immoral sex, marijuana, sex change, homosexuality, and having no love for neighbors and children in their towns, counties, states and the nation come into our political parties and on into the governments.

There the scheme with others of their satanic ilk in the news media, Hollywood, music profession, and the universities to gather people from every state to legalize their evils causing many people to die, including children.

They control presidents and make them desert the children and destroy them with alcohol, marijuana, homosexual AIDS, and suicides. The towns and cities willingly kill the children with the legalized evils. They addict the women, and the women loving the vices more than their children, and addict their children. Loving their political parties more than the Constitution, their neighbors, and their nation, top political women in politics such as Nancy Pelosi, Kamala Harris, women in the U.S. Senate, and in the U.S. House watch millions of American die due to alcohol and abortion, and do not care. They use the numbers of vice addicts to hold on to power, which they love and the praise they get.

They lead millions of adults and children into hell by ignoring the Bible's warning against the human sacrifice of children for money and to serve the political parties that just want to rule but not to defend and save the people.

Americans need to unite as one nation and one people to place their children first and return the federal, state and local governments back under our Constitution and the Declaration of Independence that demand each of us to defend each person. America promises life to each of us and each of us has the duty to defend each life. Instead, our governments dominated by women who have deserted the children to kill them for vice addicts and alien groups.

We need to establish a prohibition amendment to bring us all back to the duty to defend each life and to make all political leaders, interstate groups, and religions.

When might makes right, then governments will kill us.

Biden spending American money as fast as he kills and addicts American children, has forgotten that he is to keep his vow to the Constitution to defend our posterity, every child. Breaking one vow, he kills millions with one broken vow.

Forgetting God and having love only for the political party and all its wickedness and with all its fallen reprobate people and child deserting women acting as Judas goats leading their little children into hell.

Now I lay me down to sleep. I pray the Lord my soul to keep. If I should die before I wake, I pray the Lord my soul to take. 

Americans, only you can make its world seem right.

Only you can make its darkness bright.

When you take its hand, you'll understand the magic you can do.

You can make its life come true.

Americans, you and only you.

Give life to every child living now and to all who will every live. Give them a prohibition amendment, the essence of eternal love.

I traced her little footprints through the snow. I traced her little footprints through the snow.

I bless that happy day when America lost her way and I found her when the snow was on the ground.

s/Billy Joe Parker

Waleska, GA

(Over 350 words paid)

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