The reporting by FOX or FAUX news, Devil Trump Jr. conservative television and radio about Democrats being happy about Coronavirus is disgusting, sick and uninformed. Seriously attacking the left for responding appropriately to the total mishandling of the Coronavirus and taking the side of a President, who has brought Northern California citizens the disease without basic precautions. Now it is amidst in the North State and nobody, least of all the Demon idiot in the White House knows what is going on and is NOT prepared for the outbreak. How do I know that for a fact? Because everyone is reporting it, except FOX.

As I watched California get inundated with sick people coming to our State, I prayed Trump could do at least one thing right... protect us. Wrong! The real conspiracy question is doing Trump send all those infected passengers to California to infect us? Was it on purpose to punish us? Did he do it to kill off a significant number of Californians who might vote against him? I note that when the sick was being flown to Trump country, in Alabama, they stopped it, citing they were Trump country! It's hard to tell with the Devil Trump, what his devious goal may be.

He and his administration were not ready for the Corona Virus, as seen in California. That is not a conspiracy theory, unlike the crap FOX vomits and ignorant people listen to. Trump said everything was fine, knowing that California already had a problem.

s/Pat Johnston

13020 Hoy Road

Red Bluff, CA

(Letter published as received)

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