I arrived here in Truth or Consequences as a “Snow Bird” from southwest Montana one year ago, but that was not the only reason I came here. I needed to find the best place to establish The Blue Star Project and set up its first office, and what hopefully will become its worldwide HQ.

I have had the Blue Star Philosophy since childhood in the early 1960s – long before I named it or came up with a concept of forming a charitable organization with a logo or symbol that would be immediately recognized everywhere in the world.

On my journey south I stopped at several cities in NM to assess them for suitability using a list of determining factors. When I arrived at Truth or Consequences, I knew almost immediately that my journey south was over and my search was successful for the ideal location to bring The Blue Star Project into reality.

As soon as I found a good RV park and settled in with my travel trailer, I started the founding of the Blue Star Project. Things were progressing very well from Oct. until the COVID-19 virus came along early this year, and slowed progress to a snail’s pace.

Now I will explain what Blue Star is and what it is not. Blue Star has no connection to or association with any political party, the Dallas Cowboys Football Team, the Las Cruces Mayor’s Top Teens Program, or any business, company or other organization that uses a star of any kind or color as its logo or symbol in its trademark, advertisements, products, services, or promotions.

Blue Star is a charitable organization. Its mission is to help people in need without regard to age, race, gender, creed, religion or political affiliation.

My intension is for Blue Star to fill in some of the gaps between Disaster First Responders, F.E.M.A., The Red Cross, The Salvation Army, The Army National Guard, and Volunteer Citizens without affiliation.

Part of the Blue Star Project will be devoted to helping food banks, homeless people, homeless shelters, the elderly, the ill, military vets, other charities, and the list goes on and on, seemingly endless.

Blue Star has a code of very high standards of behavior, speech, ethics, honesty, virtues, morality, ideals, values, and civic more’s in its actions to make peoples lives more prosperous, better, easier, safer, happier, and more secure in every way possible.

Blue Star has an organizational blue print that will lay out outlines for unending growth in the U.S. and around the world.

So far Blue Star has been funded 100% with money from my personal income, but there are many ideas for fundraising in the future, that will depend on grants, benefits, donations, contributions and other sources.

In closing I must add that the people here in T-or-C are wonderful, gracious, hospitable, friendly, helpful and encouraging. I sincerely thank all who have helped in any way.

Sometime after COVID-19 we shall return to “full speed ahead” and begin fundraising and recruiting volunteers.

Very truly yours,

s/William Jackson

PO Box 4449

T-or-C, NM

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