The Black Lives Matter and ANTIFA are the KKK of the far-left Democrat Party, sponsored by a communist named George Soros. Also funded by our tax dollars, and it has to stop!

Are we blind, unable to see what is happening to our country? They march into black and white neighborhoods carrying torches, wearing masks, shouting obscenities, spouting hate for our flag and our nation and our people.

If we let this kind of behavior continue to divide us, just think what it will be like under their rule. I see it in all the big cities, and it is an ugly future. Is this the way you want to live?

Defend our freedom and our country. Get out and vote for the rule of law and our constitution and your rights.

s/M. Stahlnecker

514 N. Riverside

T-or-C, NM

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To the Sentinel:

Why would you publish this obviously facist article? Does KCHS condone facism?


BLM stands for Black Lives Matter. That is definitely not the Ku Klux Klan. Antifa is shorthand for anti-facist. You cannot be part of the KKK and be anti-facism. The constitution is worth nothing compared to human lives. Voting doesn't help anyone but the rich. Comparing BLM movements and anti-facist ideology to white supremacist groups when they're quite literally the opposite is ignorant and harmful. The only reason you think anti-facist movements are destroying america is because you're a facist.

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