Introduction: Are we, the People of Earth, wise enough to ponder upon this moment? Have a review of what just happened and what it might mean?

As we know, there may come a moment soon when it will appear that the worst is over. However, we know there may be additional waves of virus outbreaks. (My plan is to have this essay ready to launch when the worst is about over.) This is an appeal to clear-headed thinkers to consider what is the best course of action, say for the next 10 years?

We absolutely don’t have to return to the way things were! It’s my intention to encourage speaking to the vast numbers of wage earners, sharecroppers, and piecework individuals who literally do all the physical work of making everything from matches to cheese, flour to electric cars, and even ships and planes and the big trucks that haul the manufactured goods off to market. Other clear-headed thinkers, everyone from University Professors to hedge fund managers can listen in and perhaps help us out later.

First of all, I ask for your indulgence at this time, in a historical moment, of grief and loss; I’m committed to spreading the word to pause, and consider what might be. Note: this part one is an advisory copy to start a discussion on what we may agree to call a Gaia Convening – everyone pulling together for the core reforms. I’m suggesting we can prepare to take advantage of our standing still. It is my feeling that this time to concern ourselves with how we go about getting things underway as we heal and return to work and careers.

Do we pick things up where we left off? Or can we work on starting fresh? Such a thing will not be a given, however we can work for it. We have to lay out and examine the parts of what broke down, allowing the climate warming crisis and all that followed. My intention is to spread the notation of a massive shift that could bring our affairs into a more humane and equitable balance. I’m thinking worldwide, as the climate crisis worldwide. I believe there is an opportunity unfolding before us, one that we could miss. We have a chance to recover from this tragedy in much better shape than we entered.

Have we ever learned the lessons provided by our own history? The times we have just blown it? It is written out in many places and ways, that the answer has always been no, we have not learned our own lessons. We have always gone forward, indomitable and with a planet full of resources. I hold that now is the time for an unprecedented period of review of our earthly habitation.

If you want to know more about me before continuing, you can go to page XX. Chapter one: What just happened? Here’s the deal. The following XX pages are like taking a course of antibiotics. The Doctor would say, “Please take them all to achieve the desired helping of what ills us and further delayed our coming to our senses! We have a chance right now to gather our wits about us, take a breath and think it through! We are witnessing the conjunction of a pandemic, within a worldwide weather aberration, and a very serious recession crossing swords with an Earth Day Anniversary. I am suggesting that while we are ‘sitting down,’ in this extremely rare conjunction of events; we should look around and actually see what’s happening and to recognize the opportunities before us.

First of all, how in the hell did such a huge bailout bill arrive so quickly? It shows the distance between those twins, Ecology and Economics, household knowledge and household management, respectively. The first Earth Day 50 years ago was conceived as a teach-in one that very issue! And the climate crisis as of today, on the Golden Anniversary of that teach-in, can stand as the grade we all earned the final test!

As of this day, the best we could do is go ahead with a scaled down relief package and start up the funding for a renewable energy grid, and hold the economy in park. Then while ‘sitting down’ plan out a more equitable balance between what should be, our most reverted twins. This story could end on that happily ever note!

s/Clifford Clark Humphrey

165 N. Silver St. #75

T-or-C, NM

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