A few weeks ago I wrote the letter, “A Church is not a Building.” Since then we have become a sister church to a house Church in Albuquerque called: A Servants Voice, ABQ. Jacob and Ingrid McLeroy took the same Church Intensive training through Crazy Love Ministries (Frances Chan) more than one year ago.

After spending time with Jacob, and getting to know about their house/park church, we knew we wanted to become related like sisters, and even make times when we travel and meet together. Like us, they started with three adults. Now they have a healthy church family of about 12 adults, some young families with some children. We were humbled to be able to share their name.

For now, A Servants Voice, T-or-C, meets every Sunday morning at 9:30 in Ralph Edwards Park. We have a Bible study in our home on Wednesdays at 6:30 as well. We plan to keep our churches intentionally small, like a family, so we can serve the Lord Jesus with one heart. When/if we become larger than 20 adults we will do a healthy split into two churches.

“When we meet, do we please God or ourselves?” Remember, “Traditions are optional, but commandments are not.”

Intentionally, we won’t have a dedicated church building, 501(c)(3) tax exempt status, or paid staff. Everyone is a loving family, a disciple, a missionary, and the most Godly and humble servants will be our pastors and elders.

Take a look at www.WeAreChurch.com to understand our values and practices that are part of our DNA. For more information about being part of our house church, contact us at 575-740-1941, or email us at info@rushhr.org; Rush@RushHr.org.

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