Alright Tiger fans, the lights are coming on here in the Den, so pull up a piece of the bench have a seat. This is going to be short, so let’s get started. First off, the lights really ARE coming up in here. Fans will notice right off, once we can all come back into the Den. New lights. Gone are the dim, yellow bulbs and in are nice bright, white light LEDS. Yep, that’s right, you’ll be able to see the action. I’ll have to pay attention to my wardrobe.

Okay, next, let’s keep this moving. I’m getting worried about academic eligibility. Pay attention all you athletes. This year, which really started more than six months ago, in March, has been awful. It’s been a long slog. I get it. It’s increasingly difficult to focus on and complete schoolwork assignments. I can’t imagine going through what you all are facing. But here’s the deal. You have to take responsibility. You have to find a way to get self-motivated. You have to find a way to get it done. Tiger teams are improving by leaps and bounds, even this year. The biggest reason? It’s all of you. All you Tigers.

So look, are you doing alright academically? If so, great! Then see what you can do to help some of the others, those few who are truly struggling. Are you struggling? Are you even in some risk of losing academic eligibility? If so, speak up. Tell your coach. See where you can get some help. Tutoring, whatever it takes. Your team needs you. Let me repeat that, Your Team Needs You. And you need your team. So, don’t wait until it’s too late. Teams find ways to help each other. There’s no shame in needing help. We ALL need help sometimes. I know I certainly do.

Enough of that. Now there’s something else that isn’t really about sports at all. Well, maybe a little bit.

Listen Up Tigers! Here's the deal. Superintendent Dr. Segura is committed to helping to create some "Spirit Events," something to build more Tiger Pride, something to try and make this year a little better. She's asking for YOUR help!

I’ll take it one step further. Here's my challenge for you. A challenge to ALL Students. TAKE YOUR YEAR BACK!!

Plenty of things were supposed to go on for senior year, and just in general for all of you, and can’t happen this year. Traditions and just fun stuff that we look forward to. That ain’t right. Only that’s the way it is. But do NOT let that stop you. Take Your Year Back!

Come up with ideas, things that CAN be allowed this year and we’ll help make them happen. Think of things we’ve had in other years and find a new, different ways to do them. Think up brand new stuff. Be creative. Brainstorm among yourselves. Put some ideas out there and we will help you make this year YOURS.

The Schools, We Are Tigers, and me personally along with many others in the community that will join in. We want to help you Take Back Your Year!.

Contact me, almost anywhere.

Email Dr. Channell Segura at: Call Central Offices.

Send a message to We Are Tigers or flag me down on the street.

Ideas? Heck, you Tigers are smart and creative, and you will never be held down! You can do this. So, Take your year back! ‘Nuff said? Darn straight!

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