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In joining for an unanimous vote to approve Resolution No. 17 Thursday afternoon, April 8, the Village of Williamsburg’s Board of Trustees took another step toward the long-anticipated renovation of Doris and Mona Streets. This measure addressed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the City of Truth or Consequences (T-or-C), which owns and operates the Village’s water lines. The agreement affirms T-or-C’s responsibility for the water lines, and the city’s commitment to reimburse the village for the installation of new water lines, fire hydrants and other work associated with the Doris and Mona Street project.

•Trustees also unanimously endorsed a proposed budget adjustment, which will account for the recent receipt of $250,000 in New Mexico Finance Authority Colonias program funding for the Doris and Mona Street project. Village clerk/treasurer Amanda Cardona said a fourth quarter expenditure would utilize approximately $100,000 of the Colonias revenue for preliminary engineering and design necessities. Cardona told trustees that the remainder of the Colonias funding would be held on account into the new fiscal year, which begins July 1.

•The afternoon’s regular trustee meeting also included regular board reports and updates, as well as discussion with a T-or-C Police Department representative concerning suspicious activity within the community. 

•Trustees further questioned the City of T-or-C’s efforts in repairing the Cantrell Dam, which partially failed during heavy rains last summer, causing significant damage to properties throughout the village. In this regard, mayor pro-tem Majorie Powey requested a letter of concern to be sent to the City of T-or-C, which the board agreed to place on their next regular meeting agenda for consideration. 

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