The Truth or Consequences City Commissioners addressed a number of significant action items October 13, including a potentially important agreement with the Sierra Electric Cooperative, several fee revisions, added expenses for Corbett Street water upgrades, and a variety of other necessary items. Although there were many key issues to consider, the morning’s session was clearly dominated by a presentation and public hearing focusing on a potential water meter upgrade. 

Representatives from Yearout Energy Services offered commissioners a presentation, which recapped the firm’s previous engagement with the city several years ago. In 2016, Yearout was contracted to conduct an engineering study of the city’s water system and was forwarding a plan their representatives said would allow the city to fully upgrade its water metering system, and pay for the project solely with savings realized by the promised increase in accuracy.

Midway through this process, Yearout representatives were requested to add-in a full electric meter upgrade and AMI monitoring system. During Wednesday’s meeting, Yearout representative Alex Montaño explained how these additions significantly trimmed the cost savings margin promised by the water system improvements. 

Ultimately, commissioners chose to absorb the approximate $20,000 fee for the engineering study and rejected the project proposed by Yearout. 

After reviewing details of the firm’s previous project, Montaño outlined a potential new proposal. He relayed how T-or-C’s recent electric meter and AMI upgrades would allow the firm to repackage a more refined proposal, solely focusing on a water meter upgrade project for the city. Montaño went on to further outline a potential agreement, which would include a renewed engineering study and again would be primarily funded through improved system efficiency and monitoring.  

While the presentation required no action, board members moved on to welcome comments from more than half a dozen community residents. Statements ranged from tentative support for a water meter upgrade, to direct opposition of the upgrade for the present. 

Following citizen statements, commissioners allowed Montaño to answer a number of questions raised during the session. In closing he urged commissioners to communicate with Silver City officials regard that city’s Yearout utility upgrades and to also consider the firm’s offer for a renewed water meter project.

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