House on central street

One of three properties in Williamsburg to be subjected to removal of offending ruins wreckage or debris, this one on Central Street.

Three Williamsburg residences will have “offending ruins, wreckage and debris” removed from their property after resolutions to do so were approved at the regular Jan. 9 Williamsburg trustee meeting.

The property of Joseph Cavoise at 814 Olivo Road has been cited many times for broken codes, according to the trustees. His taxes haven’t been paid in a year and a half. Pro-tem mayor Majorie Powey said she understood that Cavoise had abandoned the property and was living in public housing in Truth or Consequences.

Roger Marcott passed away at the property on Central to be subject to removal. The Village attempted to reach out to his relatives but all indications are that he doesn’t have any. His ex-wife confirmed that that they had no children.

The property at 117 Hyde Ave., owned by Roger and Carol Norden is three years delinquent in taxes.

All the properties will have a lien attached to them as a result of the removals. It will be necessary to post notices of the removals in the newspaper, and then, said Mayor Deb Stubblefield, “We will go from there.”

Officials from T-or-C and Williamsburg have been attending each other’s meetings recently to discuss the joint application for the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) for the replacement of sewer and water lines and resurfacing along Doris and Mona Streets.

Traci Burnette, grant project coordinator and zoning official attended the meeting and said it was ordinarily very difficult to find funding that would cover water, sewer and streets. With the municipalities combining their applications, she said, the cap of $750,000 on funding would increase to $1.5 million.

Williamsburg trustees approved resolutions relating to setting the CDBG in motion. The application will have to be completed by June.

Mayor Pro-Tem Majorie Powey reported to the trustees on a meeting she attended of the Joint Powers Commission (JPC) at which a resolution was passed to look at creating one board rather than the current two-board system – the JPC and the Hospital Governing Board.

“It’s been an awkward situation for quite awhile,” Powey commented.

Morris Madrid, T-or-C city manager, who was on hand at the meeting said it would be “a little bit involved” to dismantle the current two boards and draft legislation for one. He said the transition from two old boards and the property and debt needs had to be addressed in a way that “gives the hospital a secure place” and is acceptable to the state treasury.

But he said with all the details worked out and all levels of government unified, the village, city, Elephant Butte, and the county – there shouldn’t be a problem procuring legislation at the state level.

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