Truth or Consequences Police served a search warrant on Wednesday, June 24 that resulted in two arrests and the seizure of meth, heroin and drug paraphernalia.

Darryl Lavoy, 60, and his wife, Ranie, 43, of 1104 Henson, were taken into custody as officers executed the search warrant at their home Wednesday evening.

According to charges filed against the couple, police found numerous items inside the green van Darryl was driving at the time officers stopped him outside his home. A backpack inside the van contained several baggies of methamphetamine, totaling 39.8 grams, as well as black/brown tar heroin and 2.1 grams of marijuana. Also in the backpack were small baggies, digital scales and multiple pipes, both new and used.

In the backpack were numerous items with Darryl’s name on it, including a fishing license and credit cards. Police also reported that they found a prescription pill bottle with a different man’s name on it in the van. Inside that pill bottle were a number of other pills determined to be Alprazolam, which is a controlled substance.

Working with the Seventh Judicial District Attorney’s Office, police also searched the residence and found numerous digital and mechanical scales, additional baggies with a white substance, unknown pills and pipes, along with large amounts of cash. Once combined, the meth located in the home weighed over 60 grams and the heroin located had a gross weight of .8 grams.

Darryl faces charges of trafficking meth, three counts of possession with intent to distribute prescription medication; possession of heroin, four counts of possession of drug paraphernalia and a single count of possession of less than an ounce of marijuana. Ranie faces a single charge of trafficking meth.

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