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SUMMER WORKOUT? - Getting a little strength and conditioning as well as performing community service, athletes from the Tiger’s football team lent a hand in getting a load of hay and delivering it to Terry Taylor this week.Shown here are Cameron Zamora red and Kameron Gonzales on the right. Also shown are Coaches Daniel Terrazas and Chris Pape. 

In a June 24 release, current NMAA guidelines were amended, relaxing of some restrictions regarding use of equipment during summer activity. Though still restricted to working in pods of five athletes to one coach, guidelines now allow use of balls and other equipment among athletes in each pod, with everything being cleaned after each use.

Outdoor practice and training is limited to five pods of five athletes on the field at once, each with its own coach. Three such pods are allowed in the gym for indoor work. While maintaining a six-foot distancing between athletes in pods, passing balls and other non-contact drills are allowed.

For volleyball the guidelines state; “Limit sharing of balls to within pods. Players should maintain at least 6 feet of distancing between individuals. Disinfect balls and equipment.” The amended football guidelines are much the same, “Limit sharing of balls to within pods. Players should maintain at least 6 feet of distancing between individuals. Contact with other players is not allowed. Disinfect tackling dummies, donuts and sleds between individual use. Protective equipment prohibited. Disinfect balls frequently during use.” 

The soccer guidelines have also been amended to allow; “Limit sharing of balls to within pods. Feet only, except for goalies (no heading or use of hands), no contact. Players should maintain at least six feet of distancing between individuals. Disinfect balls and equipment frequently during use.”

Guidelines for the use of weight rooms was also amended, though some restrictions in their use are still in effect. “Weight equipment should be wiped down thoroughly before and after an individual’s use of equipment. Resistance training should be emphasized as body weight, weight machines, and free weights that do not require a spotter. Free weight exercises that require a spotter cannot be conducted while honoring physical distancing norms. Safety measures in all forms must be strictly enforced in the weight room. Weight rooms should follow physical distancing guidelines with capacity not to exceed 50%.”

These amendments to the current guidelines should be welcome by coaches and athletes alike. Local districts are allowed to be more restrictive than the guidelines, but not less so. Now teams can now begin more realistic training, conditioning and practice activities. 

All our Tiger’s fall sports are in the process of making contact with athletes, getting waivers for physicals for summer activities signed and athletes signed up. Each is committed to beginning a program of strength and conditioning work, and training and skills development. These have an importance that go far beyond simply preparing for the fall season. Though we still don’t know the shape fall sports will take, our athletes and our teams will be ready.

•Tiger soccer is scheduling its summer work. Students, grades 8 through 12, interested in soccer summer conditioning may pick up an informational packet detailing work outs and current playing guidelines. Packets are available in the HSHS office or from a coach. To participate in summer Soccer work outs, students must get a packet, have parents/guardians complete and submit the Physical Waiver to coaches, agree to packet guidelines then will be assigned a practice pod before participating. If you do not already have an activity physical on file with the school from the 2019-20 school year, a physical will be required before participating in the summer session. 

If you are ready to play, get in touch with a coach for detailed information. HSHS Tiger soccer coaches: Head Coaches Amy Claesson 575-740-1501 and Rene Guaderrama 575-740-4335, Assistant Coach Ben Kalminson 575-649-1422

•Football: Tiger football has distributed information packets detailing NMAA guidelines for summer activity. Included is a summer workouts Physical Waiver form that must be completed. Summer practice, training and activity schedules are currently being organized. All athletes interested in football who have not yet made contact with a coach, are asked to please text head coach Daniel Terrazas: 575-740-0977

•Though officially designated a winter sport, the Tiger’s varsity cheer team is starting summer work as well. They work through all the fall sports while preparing for their own winter season of competition. Tiger cheer is recruiting new members and preparing details for beginning summer workout and practice. Those wishing to join the team are urged to do so as soon as possible. For further information on plans for summer work, contact head coach Mona Aguirre, see one of the current cheer athletes, or call team captain, Kalista Cates: 575-740-3232.

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