As coaches and athletes are finally getting a little clarity on the shape their sport’s seasons might take, there are many students who are still completely in the dark. These are students involved in New Mexico Activities Association (NMAA) sanctioned activities. In our district they range from Hot Springs FFA Chapter to the JROTC Tiger Battalion.

If the sports calendar is any indication, other student activities are likely to take place at different times and take forms different from what we have been used to in previous years. With some activities, dates for state events have been tentatively set. Others have beginning dates for competition or other local/regional events. While others are awaiting decisions.

T-or-C District Schools NMAA Regulated Student Activities:

•FFA. State Convention currently scheduled for May 25-29. Dates and times of local Career Development Events (CDE) and Leadership Development Events (LDE), to be determined. Some statewide FFA dates have been tentatively scheduled. The national Teach Ag Day is set for September 17 and the National FFA Convention and Expo will be held as a virtual event the week of October 28. The Ag program in our schools will be welcoming Skylar Green to T-or-C Middle School where she will be teaching science and taking on the Ag classes there.

•JROTC. The Tiger Battalion shooting team is ready and waiting for a decision regarding competition, many of which are held remotely already. Dates and structure for other competitions the Battalion regularly enters, such as the Raider Challenge are still being determined. The twice annual blood drive the Tiger Battalion has regularly sponsored will likely see it’s fall date rescheduled and some reorganization of the physical setup.

•Esports. The Tigers Esports team will be competing again this year, after their inaugural 2019-20 season. Competitions will begin in January, with match dates and times still to be announced. State Championships, April 30-May 1. Regional events have not yet been scheduled.

•Science Olympiad. State Championships are currently still set for February 20, 2021.

•Band and Choir. Though in recent years our band and choir have not performed in sanctioned competitions and events in order to go to the High School State Band Contest, the function of our band and choir will be determined by the academic school schedule. Practice times are to be determined.

•Tiger Cheer Team. One Tiger sport whose athletes were left waiting got word finally, this past week. The State Spirit/Cheer Championships had been scheduled for March 26-27 but all else for their sport was still to be determined. As with all other sports this year, changes were made. First official day for competition for cheer will be in January, after the winter break. As yet, there is not a schedule of sanctioned cheer and spirit competitions available, though one is expected in the next several weeks. For this year, the NMAA is waiving the requirement that teams compete in at least three sanctioned events in order to qualify to compete at state. Presumably, all teams that can perform a routine to the specifications mandated will be allowed entry into the State Championships.

There are other non-NMAA student activities at our schools. Some of them mix classroom course work with extracurricular activities. Among these are: Renaissance, Student Council, Yearbook, Book Club. As the 2020-21 school year begins, details of how these groups can meet and perform their activities will be worked out.

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