It kind of sounds like the title of a famous movie, doesn’t it?

Well, we are so very happy to announce that it is what’s happening at the NM State Veterans’ Home. We have been notified that our musical group, the Rhythm Rangers, may continue to once again fill the air at the Veterans’ Home with the sound of music.

The COVID-19 virus interrupted the Tuesday program that the group was faithful to perform from 10 to 11 a.m. We began our new schedule May 11 at 10 a.m., and are performing outside the hospital facility.

We want to thank the whole group that has been so faithful to get involved and take some happy times to those men and women at the Veterans’ Home who served. Now it’s time to give back to those who served us, and our country.

We are a group that believes in doing our best at what we do best. As coordinator of the Rhythm Rangers, I want to say thank you to John Bush, Manion Long, Helen and John Tate. Joe Meyers and Woodie Norton, for your faithfulness and invaluable help.

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Your kidding right? You don't even say .how a certified nurse asstaint came in with being sick as in Tested Positive of Covid 19 and basically killed alot of the vets .And of course how they were treated.and your saying in the paper about missing Music ?? Good Lord .that is so stupid you think??


Go to Albq.journal . and Read the Truth about the Vetrans home in T orc.williamsburg.NM.

Ironically. You add such a shame on the Rangers music???

Seriously any one still alive at the veterans??

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