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Thank You And Best Wishes

By Jim Shiley


The T-or-C Municipal School District had to say goodbye to faculty and staff as the last school year ended and the new one began. As is true every year, there are departures as some retire and some leave to pursue other opportunities. During the summer, with the close of the 2019-20 school year, after the pandemic induced early closure of the buildings and before the 2020-21 school year opened, many faculty and staff took time to consider retirement and to explore and weigh other career options.

Our schools and community thank these educators and others who served our students through their years here. While some were relatively new to the district, many were familiar faces and good friends. All were valued for their contributions to our student’s education and the impact they had in their lives. Though their positions may now be filled, their absence will be felt.

Listed below are those district employees, teachers, staff and administrators, who have stepped aside after stepping up for so long for the advancement of our students, who they served. While some have either left the area, or will do so shortly, many will still be here in Sierra County. We wish them well, as they enter a new chapter of their lives. If you see them as you are out and about, be sure to tell them thank you, for all they have done, all they have given and sacrificed for the youth of our community.

Cheryl Baca – Elementary Schools Librarian, Joe Baca – Hot Springs High School (HSHS) JROTC Instructor and Cross-Country Coach, Paul Baca – T-or-C Middle School (TCMS) Maintenance, Mark Boenish – HSHS Science Teacher, Stephanie Brownfield – Central Administration Human Resources Director, Julie Bryan – HSHS Special Services, Debbie Cordero – Arrey Elementary Special Education Teacher, Karen Cummins – HSHS AP Teacher, Eric Fernandez – HSHS Art Teacher, Jessica Griffin – TCMS Science Teacher, Mark Hedge – HSHS Science Teacher, Freida Holden – Arrey Elementary Pre-K Teacher, Mike Lanford – Truancy Officer, Sylvia McGuire – Arrey Elementary Teacher, Jaylene McGregor – HSHS Guidance Counsellor, Mariah Montoya – T-or-C Elementary School (TCES) Educational Assistant, June Olivas – HSHS Secretary, Randy Piper – District Superintendent, Raybella Schnyder – Central Office Curriculum Coordinator/Spaceport Liaison, Janice Slivka – TCMS Educational Assistant, Martha Sulzer – TCMS Science Teacher, TamiJo Treadwell - TCMS Math Teacher, Teri Villafana – Elementary School Teacher and Shawna Wood – TCMS Educational Assistant.

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