At 7pm Tuesday evening, March 3, the polls closed for Truth or Consequences’ 2020 municipal election. After the preliminary count, a handful of city officials, candidates and local residents turned out at the city commission chambers, where the following results were announced.


Position II - Randall Aragon - 283 votes • William E. Jaca - 266 votes • Carol M. Borsello - 228 votes • Ingo Hoeppner - 146 votes

Position IV - Brendan C. Tolley - 601 votes • Gina L. Kelley - 229 votes • William E. Fink, Jr. - 67 votes • Sophia Peron - 12 votes

Position V - Amanda L. Forrister - 300 votes • George J Szigeti - 214 votes • Tony A Archuleta - 200 votes • Ron Fenn - 176 votes • Martin E. Mijal - 30 votes.


•Beatrice M. Sanders - 579 votes

•Joe E. Baca, Jr. - 333 votes

The results from Tuesday’s election will be formally canvassed by the Sierra County Commission during a special meeting, which is scheduled to convene at 10:30 a.m. Thursday, March 12 in the county commission chambers at 855 Van Patten Street. Further information about this session may be obtained through the county’s administrative offices by phoning 894-6215.

Further information regarding Tuesday’s election may also be obtained through the Truth or Consequences City Clerks Office, 505 Sims Street, 894-6673.

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Let us hope that we did not get a bunch of wantwits this time... I feel confident that there may very well be a change in attitudes... I am really happy that the encumbunt lost... first on the agenda is to know that oil revenues for the state are falling, and that The Lake and our mountains to the west and within the county provide us with more tax revenues than the downtown galleries and thrift shops... and there has to be a concerted effort to reconnect with Las Cruces and El Paso as it was when our local economy thrived on that business...

I am Le Roy Henderson, a political commentator and public policy activist, with economic development family has been here since 1955.


Please post their party affiliation


The municipal elections are non party elections.

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