Apparent misinformation led a large number of citizens to share public comments opposing the construction of a traffic-bearing bridge across the Rio Grande and other proposals included in a riverwalk feasibility study during the Truth or Consequences City Commission’s November 17 regular meeting.

In addressing the issue city manager Bruce Swingle, contracted representatives with Wilson & Company Engineering and commission members emphasized that the development study was essentially an introduction to future possibilities, with no current plans for action. 

Board members recognized how the contracted study was initiated with a New Mexico Finance Authority funding grant of $60,000. Adoption of the study was a required step to complete the process and deliver the final documents to the NMFA. Failure to approve the associated resolution (No.37 20/21) would negate the NMFA agreement and require the city to pay the $60,000 fee with municipal revenue. 

With this point acknowledged and board members otherwise praising the study, commissioners joined in unanimous approval of the resolution.

•Commissioners postponed the appointment of a candidate to fill the board’s vacant Position-Two seat, opting to first schedule a special meeting to interview four citizen applicants. This special meeting will be held in the commission chambers Monday, November 29, beginning at 9 am. Board members agreed that final selection of a candidate will be included on the commission’s December 15 regular meeting agenda.

•Wednesday’s session further included board approval of proposed lodgers tax revisions, a shift of order for the commission’s regular meeting agenda, as well as a series of professional engineering services contracts and a variety of internal fiscal actions.   

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