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Following a closed-door executive session Wednesday morning, March 24, Truth or Consequences City Commissioners returned to the morning’s regular public meeting and announced the selection of Bruce Swingle to fill the vacant city manager’s post. Commissioners rendered an unanimous vote of support for Swingle, who currently still holds the position of Sierra County manager, a role he has successfully fulfilled since joining the county administration in 2014. Following the vote offering Swingle the position, commissioners directed city attorney Jay Rubin to secure contract necessities. Interim city manager Traci Alvarez confirmed that announcements would be forthcoming regarding whether or not Swingle accepts the city’s offer, and if so, when his official starting date will be.

Aside from the city manager selection, the morning’s regular meeting was no doubt topped by a report from utility office manager Sonya Williams, which revealed delinquent utility accounts amounting to approximately $700,000 since waiving red-tag procedures in respect of COVID-19 last year. Board members expressed surprise at the amount of unpaid accounts and after considerable discussion, unanimously approved a motion to immediately reinstate red tag procedures relating to delinquent utility accounts. The commission’s action also included a directive for staff members to step up available code enforcement procedures related to red-tagged accounts and collection efforts.

In other action, commissioners unanimously approved the submission of application documents relating to a proposed water line improvement project. Interim city manager Alvarez said the approximate $7.5 million project would deliver almost five miles of new pipelines, as well as the installation of new meters and pressure valves as required.  

The March 24 regular meeting further included postponement of action relating to sub-recipient allocations, as well as for the proposed support for a MainStreet T-or-C e-commerce program.

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So if no one pays the amounts owed ..then. I guess the Electric would be shut off?

And yet we are not out of this pandemic.i would say ..have at it! Shut my power off.cuz honestly the town is acting hastily about wanting money when there is No jobs in T or C.etc.

I would love to see the Electric Company get very bad static with the state ..


Congrats sir!

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