Hot Springs High School

It was announced today in Governor’s “State of the State” address that secondary school students, our middle and high school students, will be eligible to return to in-school learning under their approved hybrid model as of February 8. Our district, which has had an approved hybrid model set to go since September, is already actively preparing and planning to make this happen. As should be expected, there are many details to be addressed.

The T-or-C Municipal School District plan for reentry follows. They stress that this is a tentative schedule and it may change based on the multiple considerations and details that are still being examined and finalized.

  1. Monday, February 8th: Present secondary reentry plan details at the Board Meeting on February 8th.
  2. February 9th through February 12th: All secondary staff will report to their designated school sites for planning and preparation for reentry during their regular contract hours.
  3. Monday, February 15th: President’s Day (NO SCHOOL/DISTRICT CLOSED).
  4. Tuesday, February 16th: Cohort A will attend school.
  5. Wednesday, February 17th: Teacher Plan/Prep/Clean.
  6. Thursday, February 18th: Cohort B will attend school.
  7. Friday, February 22nd: Cohort B will attend school.

Our hybrid plan splits the student body at each school in half, into two “cohorts,” as the state restrictions call for no more than 50 percent occupancy at a school. In addition to a list of other protocols needed to be followed, classrooms will be arranged with desks and tables distanced apart. All students, teachers and staff will have to wear face masks, and distancing maintained in other areas of the school as well as in the classrooms.

Tiger Sports: This reentry plan also allows for the resumption of NMAA sanctioned sports and other activities, commencing on February 22. The exception to this is band and choir, which can meet, but approval has not been given yet to begin actual practice with instruments and singing.

There will be full details in the Friday, January 29 issue of the Sentinel, and published here at that time.

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