National Bound 4-H Pasture ad Range Team

Pictured here, at the FFA Banquet in May, when the team was together, shown left to right are, James Pedroncelli, Aubrie Carter, Dawson Gurule and Robert Walters. 

Last week the statewide 4-H competitions wrapped up and results were released. Local 4-H Pasture and Range team won first place and earned the right to go to the National 4-H Conference, held in Oklahoma in May 2022. The team is made up of Aubrie Carter, Dawson Gurule, James Pedroncelli and Robert Walters. 

The first-place winning Sierra County team also swept the four top spots in individual points, led by Dawson Gurule, who was individual high point winner. Second-place individual was won by James Pedroncelli, Aubrie Carter earned the third-place individual spot and Robert Walters was named fourth place individual points.

The team completed their competition in April during the State FFA Pasture and Range Contest, held locally at Hot Springs High. Though knowing they had done extremely well, the final results were only known and made public after last week, when the State 4-H contests wrapped up from the different places around the state.

Also competing at the state level in 4-H were Hannah Hawkins and Ava Harrelson, who earned the right to compete at the State 4-H conference in the Entomology competition. In this topsy-turvy year it has been difficult to get groups together for photos, but the four on the team were on hand at the FFA Banquet in May. Pictured here, at that event, was the team together, shown left to right are, James Pedroncelli, Aubrie Carter, Dawson Gurule and Robert Walters. 

Our heartfelt congratulations to all these 4-H members, who use head, heart, hands and health to live and advance the 4-H motto and mission, “To make the best better.”

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