With the retirement of two long-time familiar faces from the schools’ Central Office, and the likelihood of deep budget cuts from the state, the opportunity was taken to reorganize. Stephanie Brownfield, who was Director of Human Resources, and Raybella Schnyder, Curriculum Coordinator, departed at the end of the school year. Instead of filling the positions left open through retirement and personnel shifts, they are being absorbed by staff already in place. Due to the cuts already in place and additional cuts anticipated, it was felt that this was the prudent course of action.

This realignment also provided an opportunity to both clearly define roles and streamline areas of responsibility to match more closely both functions and duties.

Here are some of the changes you will see at Central, and beyond. First and most noticeably when you enter the building, Christine Kittel, Executive Administrative Assistant is at the front desk. She will be working directly with Superintendent Dr. Channell Segura. Mike Torres has seen his role expanded to Technology and Facility Access Coordinator.

Sabrina Bierner, formerly the Business Manager is now Chief Finance and Operations Officer. Working directly with her are Human Resource and Payroll Coordinator, Barbara Chavez, Accounts Payable Specialist, Robert Chavez and Warehouse Manager, Elizabeth Tow.

Dr. Renee Garcia, Chief Academic Officer, had been Director of Federal Programs the duties of which were absorbed into her present position. Patti Bean will be the district’s Data and Accountability Coordinator and Charity Lang, fulfilling her familiar role as the Special Education Coordinator.  

Kenny Griffis will see his duties expanded to Facilities and Maintenance Coordinator. Alicia Degase is filling several roles as Coordinator of Transportation, Athletics and Activities, and Title IX issues and compliance. Sheryl Oldfield retains her position as Student Nutrition Coordinator.

In addition to these changes at Central Offices, are welcoming a new face at T-or-C Middle School. Samuel Constant, formerly of Kirtland Middle School, has been signed to take the position heading the school as the new Principal.

As the district works to continually better manage and improve the schools, these changes reflect that effort, as well as its dedication to enhancing and advancing the educational experience of all our students.

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