The T-or-C Municipal Schools are soliciting comments and discussion regarding choices for the reopening plan for our district schools. They are welcoming feedback from all district staff, teachers and administrators, as well as parents, students and community.

The options being considered, along with an opinion survey can be found at the T-or-C Schools website: www.torc. The four options conform with New Mexico Public Education Department’s “NMPED Reentry Guidance,” released last week.

This information is being gathered to help in arriving at an informed decision. The school board will discuss and decide on a model at their July 13 meeting. The meeting, which begins at 5:30 p.m. will be open to the public via the Zoom Meeting Platform and will be broadcast live on KCHS Radio, 101.9 FM.

The survey’s initial opinion question asks those taking it for their preferred overall option for the 2020-21 school year. “Please choose the schooling option you prefer for your student(s) for the 2020-21 school year?” The choices presented are: “100 percent Face-to-Face at school; 50 percent at School and 50 Percent Remote from Home on the Computer; 100 Percent Remote from Home; and Home Schooling (Withdrawal from school district).”

NMPED guidelines preclude a 100 percent face-to-face, at school opening in most cases. Plans must adhere to a limited student capacity and six-foot distancing requirements. In our district, only Arrey Elementary School can meet these while maintaining a full, normal schedule.

The survey continues with specific questions regarding home availability of technology and internet access, as well as potential at-risk health factors and other considerations. The survey presents four hybrid options to select from that conform with statewide guidelines of what is currently allowed. Online remote learning would be done on Schoology Learning Management System (SLMS), which the district has purchased for remote learning.

The four hybrid models include these options. 1. Rotating days with two groups of students. Alternating groups of students attend school two days per week, every week, following normal class schedule. 2. Students split into two groups and attend school four days a week, Monday through Thursday, every other week, following normal class schedule. 3. Students attend school two days a week, as in the first model, but stay with the same teacher and group of students throughout the day. 4. 100 percent virtual remote learning with face-to-face support from teachers by appointment. See above for full details.

The district’s administration and staff are committed to a full reopening of schools as soon as it is allowed. They will always be taking student safety, as well as a complete assessment of student needs as it pertains to their education and the full range of benefits of in-school learning as they make decisions going forward, in accordance with current state guideline as they evolve over time.

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