The USDA has awarded Sacred Wind Communications a grant in the amount of $6,152,235 as part of their latest Reconnect Grand Award series. The grant funding will allow Sacred Wind to provide fiber to home service in one of the most sparsely populated parts of the state. Sacred Wind’s proposed network will have 271 miles of fiber passing 1,425 premises, including residences, businesses and essential community facilities.

“We’re honored to have received funding from the USDA to continue connecting New Mexicans with higher speeds and increased accessibility,” said John Badal, CEO of Sacred Wind Communications. “We have always been dedicated to serving rural New Mexico and ensuring people are able to have reliable phone and Internet service, regardless of where they live. This project allows us to continue that mission to bridge the divide and serve underserved communities across the state.”

For the project, Sacred Wind Communications will partner with the Sierra Electrical Cooperative, marking the first broadband partnership between a rural communications provider and a rural electric cooperative in New Mexico.

“In much of Sierra County, current broadband availability is deficient or absent,” added Badal. “With our fiber to the home project, we’re able to ensure that there will be no issue with continued connectivity now or in the future. In a year as tumultuous as 2020 – where access to virtual learning, remote working and remote access to medical care has become imperative – reliable Internet is more important now than ever. We’re happy to be a part of making sure Sierra County residents can continue to learn, work and connect with loved ones, as well as making sure Sierra County businesses can succeed and thrive in a world reliant upon technology.”

For more information about Sacred Wind and its impact on rural communities in New Mexico, visit

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