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Summer is often a time for projects. This summer a ad-hoc group of volunteer workers, artists and builders have been busy with a very different sort of project. The work involved a complete restoration of the Lock- heed T-33 Shooting Star Jet Trainer that has lived for years at the T-or-C Municipal Airport. Once finished, it was lifted by crane to sit on newly installed structure support struts.

Spearheaded by the small but dedicated local Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA) Sierra County chapter, the work is now complete. The group enlisted the help of Hot Springs High art in- structor, Eric Fernandez who along with some of his students, did the work of repainting the art, emblems, designation letters and numbers and other features that adorn the body of the craft.

There will be a formal unveil- ing and dedication of the aircraft, Saturday September 7, in conjunction with an open house at the Municipal Airport. Festivities begin with the Shooting Star being unveiled at 10 a.m. at the airport entrance where the jet sits on an elevated stand.

The open house will feature fly-ins by multiple airplanes, with a stopover by an Air Force jet. Airport and aviation history tours will be on offer during the 10 a.m. – 1 p.m. open house. Air- port staff as well as individuals involved in the Shooting Star restoration will be on hand to answer questions and discuss their work and all aspects of the air- port operations. Burgers and drinks will also be available. Proceeds will go toward the cost of restoring the T-33 Shooting Star.

If you don’t know where to go for the celebration, the airport is located on Highway 181 North, one mile north of I-25 exit 83.

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