Among action items addressed by the Truth or Consequences City Commission during their July 28 regular meeting, was the approval of new fees and rental policies for the municipal golf course, as well as the revision of fees established for rental of the city’s civic center. 

Board members first addressed a recommendation by golf course manager Wes Owens, which established fees for rental of the facility’s clubhouse. The measure also set forth policies regarding non-profit group discounts, and established requirements for parties planning to serve alcoholic beverages. After reviewing the proposal, commissioners unanimously approved the recommended policy and fee changes for the golf course. 

Board members later approved a similar measure seeking to increase rental fees for the T-or-C Civic Center. In introducing the proposal City Clerk Angela Torres said most of the established fees would be increased by $50, while required security deposits would remain unchanged. This measure further included revisions eliminating a previous discount for multiple day rentals and adding policies pertaining to insurance that might be required for some events. 

•Commissioners also approved a grant agreement and contract award, which will allow a planned renovation of the municipal airport’s Runway 13-31 to move forward. The associated grant agreement with the Federal Aviation Administration will provide over $347,000 to fully fund the project with no match required from the city.   

•Commission members endorsed the reappointment of four members to the Parks and Recreation Advisory Board and also approved the appointment of new member David Dowdy for a two year term. Following this action, commissioners also approved the reappointment of four members to the Public Arts Board.

•In other action, commissioners attended to the approval of fourth quarter revisions and a final report for the 2020/2021 Fiscal Year, unanimously endorsed a final budget for the new fiscal year, and further okayed recommended revisions pertaining to the annual distribution of Lodgers Tax revenues. 

•The July 28 meeting further included acceptance of a $5,040 Clean and Beautiful grant, approval of a revised vehicle take-home policy for city employees, endorsement of a residential street vacation request, as well as an update on issues hindering operations of the city’s animal shelter by the city manager. 

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