Letter By Rep. Dow to the Governor on Vaccination Mandate For Health Care Workers August 19, 2021

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As stated by many scientists and doctors the covid vax ain't a vax at all, burba means to inject people with various poisons, among them graphene oxide and spike proteins which destroy the blood. For eons the elites have carried out population control programs, this current pandemic bring an excuse to inject people with a lethal cocktail. Do your homework humans before being so willing to to roll up your sleeves especially when hundreds of thousands have had severe adverse reactions and untold thousands have died.


We have seen and experienced what has happened in hospitals when staff has not been vaccinated. They get sick. Some have died. Most health care workers are pleading with EVERYONE to get vaccinated. Please do proper research and don't make this a political issue. It is a HEALTH issue and we should all be happy to be vaccinated. Being unvaccinated, as so many in the southern states, is NOT working, Ms. Dow.


NO medical treatment can be undertaken or initiated on ANY patient without the patient’s CONSENT.

And the consent must be an INFORMED consent.

Nothing about FDA “approval” of a pharmaceutical or medical procedure impacts or alters this fundamental rule of law.

The choice to consent is the right of the patient.

Patients should choose wisely after being informed.


[thumbup] What happened to "My Body MY CHOICE!" Still too much unknown about vaccine to be mandated by Government (or Governors). Thanks Rebecca Dow!




God Bless you Rebecca Dow! 👍🏻🤠🙏💯❤s

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