In a Thursday afternoon press release, June 24, the T-or-C Municipal School District (TCMSD) announced the filling of Principal and Assistant Principal positions at the District's schools. 

"The Truth or Consequences Municipal School District has hired the following leadership positions for the 2021-2022 school year to align with the District’s new Mission, Vision, Motto, and Strategic Goals:

Hot Springs High School Principal: Ava Rebecca Bartoo                                  Hot Springs High School Assistant Principal: Susan Conrad

T-or-C Middle School Principal: Patty Goode                                                  T-or-C Middle School Assistant Principal: Shirley Muncy

T-or-C Elementary and Sierra Elementary Complex Principal: Carol Bolke        T-or-C Elementary and Sierra Elementary Complex Assistant Principal: Tracy Stout Cole"

 "TCMSD is still working to find a bilingual Dean of Students to lead Arrey Elementary School. Until then, the school will be supervised and supported by Chief Academic Officer, Dr. Renee Garcia and Superintendent, Dr. Channell Segura."

The successful filling of these positions is yet another step in an ongoing effort to move forward the newly stated vision, mission and motto of the district schools. These were presented in May and are as stated. 

"Vision: Creating students of vision through quality education that prepares them for lifelong excellence.

Mission: To support students as they pursue their career and life goals.

Motto: Students first."

This new leadership team, now taking their places at each of the district schools is another big step toward enhancing, expanding and reimagining the educational experience for the students of the district, in the push for an ever heightened level of excellence. 

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