The Truth or Consequences Police Department gave an updated on the procession information for Caballo Firefighter Janet Tracy:
         The procession for Firefighter Janet Tracy is estimated to arrive from Albuquerque at the north end of Truth or Consequences mile marker 79 around 11:30 a.m. on Friday, July 23. This time is an estimate and subject to change.
     Overpass access at exit 79 and the southbound off ramp at exit 79 will be closed until the procession passes exit 79 then reopened afterwards. Northbound traffic will still have access to Interstate 25 at exit 79 off Date Street. Only authorized emergency vehicles and personnel will be allowed on the overpass at exit 79.
          Once the procession passes exit 79, it will continue southbound toward Caballo and afterwards return back to Truth or Consequences via Highway 187.
          Those community members wanting to show their respects for Firefighter Tracy can park in safe areas along South Broadway starting at the Williamsburg and Highway 187 intersection up to Third Street near the Sierra County Courthouse.
         They are recommending community members utilize the large parking areas at the Sierra County Fairgrounds or the Albert Lyons Event Center on South Broadway. The procession will continue on South Broadway from Williamsburg to Third Street towards its final destination at Kirikos Family Funeral Home located at Third Street and Cedar Street near the Sierra County Courthouse.
           If you are planning to park near the Sierra County Courthouse please expect road closures and congested traffic as there is limited parking. If you are planning to use Date or Third Streets please expect road closures and detours during the procession.
         Please use caution in downtown and Sierra County Courthouse areas as traffic and pedestrian activity will likely increase.
Thank you again to those planning to show their respects to Firefighter Tracy at tomorrow's procession and stay safe.

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