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        Responding to a cyber tip from Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC) August 23, Sierra County Sheriff’s Deputies served a warrant on Dylan Joseph Mayer, 29, of T-or-C, for two felony charges of sexual exploitation of children.

         ICAC notified the Sierra County Sheriffs Office of three cyber tips submitted by Google. Based on the uploaded file in the report, it appeared Mayer may have had access to and or was living with a prepubescent female child. The file also included images that appear to depict nude children of a similar age and gender as the female depicted in a clothed image in the report, according to court records.

         Through the ICAC system, appeared the male, identified as Mayer, was uploading child pornography images through a Google account. Such images included what appeared to be a prepubescent female child’s body, what appears to be an adult hand pulling down her underwear with the child’s genitalia exposed. Another was of a young naked female child. He had uploaded multiple videos and pictures of a prepubescent female child.

       A search warrant was obtained and served on Mayer’s residence at 410 Van Patten. Officers made contact with Mayer who stated he remembered one image that appeared while he was uploading music and he was unable to remove it. He then said Google had terminated his email account and advised him that the image was going to be investigated.

          According to court records, Mayer told officers he didn’t understand the severity of it. He said that if a child has no cloth on and a picture gets taken, he doesn’t understand where that becomes child pornography.

         When officers checked Mayer’s phone the screen saver was a nude prepubescent female. Officers also found other pictures on the phone of “really young girls” in bikinis and small dresses downloaded from the internet along with completely nude girls that appeared to be in their early teens.

        Mayer was booked into the Sierra County Detention Center and is currently being held in the Luna County on charges of manufacturing obscene visual or print medium depicting a prohibited sexual act or simulation of such an act, a second-degree felony and possession of the prohibited items, a fourth-degree felony.

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