A retired law enforcement officer helped take a California man into custody after he ran from police Saturday, January 30.

According to charges filed in the Sierra County Magistrate Court, Sheriff’s Deputy Jacob Jones was running traffic on I-25 at mile marker 92 in the Monticello Canyon area when he clocked a dark SUV going 86 in the 65 mph zone. Deputy Jones immediately initiated a traffic stop and the SUV refused to stop.

The driver, later identified as Jaxon Jon Smith, 30, of Hermosa Beach, California, eventually turned around in the median at mile marker 84. He traveled north for a couple of miles before turning around again and returning south on I-25. Deputy Jones reported that they were traveling between 90 and 105 mph.

All other law enforcement agencies had been notified of the chase and Sheriff Deputy Marin deployed a tire deflation strip at the southern Truth or Consequences exit, mile marker 75.

Smith drove over the spike strip and began to lose air pressure and tread on his front two tires almost immediately.

Court charges detail how Smith continued driving on his rims until the area of mile marker 69 when the SUV could not be driven any further. Smith baled from the car on foot and ran east across I-25 towards State Road 187, ignoring all directions from Deputies Jones and Marin to stop running.

A retired law enforcement officer had heard the sirens from the interstate, grabbed his firearm and quickly found Smith in his yard and advised Smith to get on the ground, to which he complied. The resident was able to keep Smith on the ground until the deputies made it to their location and could take him into custody.

Upon taking Smith into custody, he told Jones that he did not think he was a real cop, and once he drove over the spike strip he figured he would just “make it on the cops” and continued running.

Smith now faces charges of aggravated fleeing of a law enforcement officer and resisting, evading or obstructing an officer.

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