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In a surprising move near the conclusion of the Truth or Consequence City Commission’s (T-or-C) regular meeting, city manager Morris Madrid delivered a formal letter of resignation to the board. The letter was delivered during a closed-door executive session, and was accepted by the commission after returning to the morning’s regular public meeting with an unanimous vote.

Madrid said that he had enjoyed his time in T-or-C and was appreciative of the opportunity to serve the city, and that a followup letter to come, would better detail his reasons for submitting the resignation.

•Commissioners unanimously approved a resolution supporting the Foch Street improvement project spearheaded by MainStreet T-or-C. 

•Board members approved three resolutions relating to funding for a series of planned water system upgrades.

•The morning’s regular meeting further included a report from Utility Office Manager Sonya Williams encouraging customers to contact her office with any billing concerns or questions, as well as a status report from parks and recreation department manager OJ Hechler. In his report, Hechler outlined ongoing efforts to properly develop root growth in the new sod at Ralph Edwards Park, and said determinations regarding a reopening of the facility would likely be made at some point in April.

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Well I will not say that I am sorry to see Mr Madrid resign, I wish him well.

I hope the City Commission will recruit a manager that understands our community needs and will listen more closely to the residents concerns.

I also hope the city commission will reach out to the community to assist in the selection process.

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