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New Mexico State Police are not releasing many details about a welfare check they were asked to conduct on a 5-year old T-or-C boy Friday, June 18.

According to NMSP Public Information Officer Ray Wilson, they were asked to check on the wellbeing of 5-year old Shaquille Ferguson Jr. The person who called them said they last saw the child with another family member about two and a half weeks earlier at Rotary Park, near the river.

State police report that Ferguson Jr., was entered into the computer system as missing on June 18, however, no amber alert was issued, as the investigations bureau took the lead on the case.

The following day that same investigation led agents and dive team members six miles south of Rotary Park where they located and recovered the body of a child. As of press time, the body had not been positively identified, however, no other children have been reported missing in the area.

Officer Wilson said that agents are working closely with the Office of the Medical Examiner to determine the cause of death and many of the details are still under investigation. “Given the importance and complexity of this investigation, if we have to choose between doing this right and doing this fast, we will always choose accuracy over speed” Officer Wilson said.

State Police are not indicating who Ferguson was living with at the time of his disappearance or why the family was at the popular summertime T-or-C park. They would also not say why an amber alert was not issued when the boy was reported missing or if they case was being investigated as a homicide or accidental death.

Additional details on this story will be made available at gpkmedia.com and KCHS 101.9 FM as they are released by State Police.

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