While some may say that it’s too late to make a New Year’s Resolution, the same can’t be said for deciding to take action on any endeavor that aims to bring about constructive changes to our own lives and to the lives of others.

If you hadn’t gotten around to making a New Year’s Resolution this year, may I suggest that you consider one that would position you to be a force that enacts real, tangible change for children facing desperate situations, by listening and speaking up when given the opportunity?

Last year, nearly 277,000 children across the country had a Court-Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) or a Guardian Ad Litem step up to volunteer and appear by their side every step of the way while court cases they are involved in progressed through the legal system. Thousands of children, however, faced the child welfare system alone in 2020, and will continue to do so now and into the future.

That is, of course, unless we all step up and commit to being the voice for these children in the children’s court system.

Will you consider joining us in making a real difference in the lives of children? It's never too late to be a positive force advocating for the most vulnerable children in our communities.

Please call Rio Grande Valley Court-Appointed Special Advocates (RGVCASA) for more information. In Torrance County, dial (505) 227-1593. In Sierra County, we can be reached at (575) 894-4437. In Socorro and northern Catron counties, the phone number is (575) 835-1990.

Together, we can make 2021 a much brighter and hopeful year for thousands of children in our communities.

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