FFA Leadership Training

WORKING TO IMPROVE - The Hot Springs FFA sent a large contingent of officers of all levels, Chapter, Greenland and Discovery to attend leadership training in Las Cruces on August 26. Some attendees, shown here, from left to right are: Chapter Advisor Julian Marta, Andrea Luna, Kimmy Molsbee, Jonithan Flores and Advisor Kristy Cummings.

On August 26, 2021, Hot Springs FFA traveled down to Las Cruces, to participate in Chapter Officer Leadership Training, also known as “COLT”. Despite the name, designating it as chapter officer training, the three Chapter Officers attending, Aubrie Carter, Jonathan Flores, and Kimmy Molsbee, also brought with them one Greenhand Officer, Andrea Luna, as well as all six of our Discovery Officers, Cole Boone, Kayden Diamond, Elaina Mays, Shayly Cummings, Mark Neo, Ernie Spitzer. It was an opportunity for officers at all levels to gain experience and training. 

Our student officers spent the afternoon learning different communication strategies and also participating in fun activities throughout the duration of the training. Their day started off with some ice breakers and State Officer introductions to make everyone feel welcome and excited to be there. After that, all the attendees were split into groups based on different offices. Each officer group went with a different district officer where they participated in workshops focusing on different communication strategies and techniques based on the office they hold in the chapter. During this period, a lot of learning took place and new contacts and friendships were made.  

Aubrie Carter, our Chapters Secretary, is also the District 6 Vice President. She put together her own workshop in which she helped with the training and educating of the students attending COLT, more specifically the treasurers.  

As the training approached its end, a final gathering took place in which positive and inspiring words were said and our officers that attended the training came home.

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